Book Projects For The Murders Of Sam And Julie

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The disturbing murders of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi have garnered public attention in news media, true crime television, social media, book projects, and other true crime interests. The sensationalism of the murders is agonizing. Both victims were tricked, lured, betrayed by a friend, each shot in the head twice, desecrated, and posthumously defamed. After their murders, Sam was dismembered and Julie was defiled. The sensationalism of the defendants is antagonizing. The killer’s attorney delayed the case for several years and each of the two accessory defendants has delayed their respective cases with one defendant’s trial still pending eight years after the murders.

In the years since the murders, a few people have got to know the case and have written about the case. Two authors are reputable and respected by those close to the case. One blogger says she is writing a book from the killer’s side of the murders. The blogger’s planned project raises issues of Son of Sam laws and of social conscience.

Keith Elliot Greenberg

The first book about the murders was released in May 2017 by Keith Elliot Greenberg and is titled, Killing For You. Keith said that Steve Herr, the father of Sam Herr, compelled him to research and write a book about the murders. Keith is a New York Times bestselling author with over 30 works of non-fiction and a few autobiographies. Steve has often commented that too much attention is given to the killers and not enough attention is given to the victims. Keith wanted to give attention to the victims, Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi. Keith did a great job with his book and the book includes most if not all of the public information on the case with some private interviews. It is worth a read and is great for reference about the case.

Linda Sawyer

Linda Sawyer is another author who has is working a book about the case and has a podcast on iHeart radio, Sleuth. Linda is an executive producer and writer with Revel Entertainment. She has many years experience producing and writing for news magazine shows and has created and produced Emmy-winning network specials. Her book project looks like it will feature stories of the personal lives of the victims and their families. Linda has interviewed over 200 people in two years of research for her book.

Daniel Wozniak and Glendele Way-Agle

The dark side of the murders is the subject of another person writing a book who claims that her book will tell Dan’s side of the murders he committed. This book project is noteworthy because of its potential repugnance in that it is Daniel Wozniak’s story about the murders. Glendele Way-Agle, Glen as she is called in articles about her husband, is married to Josh Agle and lives with their two children in Orange County. Josh is an artist who uses the name Shag. Glen has worked in community theater.

Glen met Wozniak through community theater in Orange County. She befriended him four years after he was in jail for murdering Sam and Julie.

Glen has a blog with a small following that is often criticized by its readers for giving deference to Dan and little consideration for his victims or their loved ones. Glen’s blog offends the sensibilities of the compassionate in many respects. Her book project will likely have the same tone as her blog and has received preemptive criticism through social media. Glen said that she was remaining anonymous on her blog because she received threats for her support of a heinous murderer. Glen’s blog co-collaborator, Matthew Wayne Selznick, listed Glen as a client providing a link to her blog and she listed herself as an employee of Matt’s company. People close to the case knew who was behind the blog and posted that information on the blog’s Facebook page shortly after that page was online.

Book Authors Summary

Other authors may also be working on book projects, movies, or other forms of telling the story of these brutal and heinous murders. So far, Keith Elliot Greenberg’s book is a great introduction to the case and an excellent reference for case details. Linda Sawyer’s book project and podcast look like they will get deep in the lives of the victims and everyone in the case. Both of these authors are well-liked by the families of the victims and both put the victims first in their work. Each author is sensitive and compassionate to the victims and their loved ones. They have interviewed many people, they are well-respected, and they each have a reputation for finding and presenting facts. Glendele Way-Agle is antithetical to the other two authors at every point.